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is the role of print media now in a social media dominated environment. >> he says, i find it to be very beneficial. how do i find if it is working? >> the fact that he can see it. a lot of times it is the ego you pick up the local newspaper or magazine and there is your ad. you feel good about it. there are ways. there are magazines. if you hint that you are willing to advertise more, you can ask them to perform a special survey of the readers to see if they recalled your ad, they do a post and after publication. if you want to know, you have to put a code in. you have to have some kind of -- whether it is an 800 number or some kind of thing, there has to be a code there so you can track it. otherwise, you just won't know. there's no way. >> is there any place, brian, for small businesses where you can track every dollar and see your return on it. if you don't have a big budget, should you spend any money on traditional media? >> i wouldn't. i'm a wayne gretzky fan and there's a famous quote where somebody asked him, why, wayne, are you so much better than the other hockey players? i sk
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)